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dove tree counselling

Clara Morgan (she/her)
Registered Social Worker / Registered Clinical Counsellor
One-to-One Counselling for Adults

Help That Makes a Difference

Feeling stuck, confused, sad, lost, on edge, traumatized or emotionally exhausted?  Together, we can help you find relief.  

Seeking counselling, therapy, or mental health support is brave and wise, and it shows strength to take the first step.  I am here to provide real, tangible support on your journey; you may be surprised by the ways therapy can be life changing.  

Reach out to learn how counselling can help you.

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My Approach

I have a gentle, calm, and patient nature.  I create a safe, non-judgmental space for everyone who comes to my office and am LGBTQIA2S+ affirming.  You can just be you.  It can also be healing to share your story with someone who understands and listens to your story with compassion.

I select approaches based on you and your unique needs and strengths.  I will seek out those strengths, including ones which you may not have noticed, and I promote well-being, self-care, and self-compassion above all.  I have gathered many therapeutic tools over the length of my career, and I apply these very effectively in addition to the specific therapies in which I have trained.  

Areas of Practice

Traumatic events &


Childhood Trauma

Car Accidents

Complicated Grief/

Traumatic loss


Shame & Guilt


Negative core beliefs


Panic Disorder 

Worry & OCD

Generalized, Social, & Health 






Substance Use

Unwanted behaviours

Public Safety Personnel/First Responders

Life Transitions



EMDR Therapy
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocesssing Therapy

Therapy for trauma of all kinds

and other concerns

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Therapy for depression & anxiety and other concerns

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

Therapy for managing distress, emotional dysregulation, & interpersonal difficulties


Somatic, Ego State,

Brief Solution-Focussed,

Flash Technique, Cognitive Processing

Therapy Sessions
I was struggling in life and tried seeing different counsellors for help. Clara stood out as a truly gifted and talented counsellor who was able to help me move forward. She was easy to talk to, a great listener, helped me better understand myself and provided me with strategies to help me overcome my problems and live a more fulfilling life.

M.A. Age 43

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