About Me

My name is Clara and my pronouns are she/her/hers.  I have both a Bachelors degree and Masters degree in Social Work.  As a very young child I identified that I wanted to be a psychiatrist, and what I meant by that was that I wanted to be a therapist.  I have deep compassion for my clients and it means a great deal to me when they honour me with their stories.  I like to spend the first session exploring what brought them to my office, in order to see how I feel I can best help them; after this I share my ideas so that we may form a treatment plan together.  I provide education on the therapies I practice, so my clients can understand how they help and what our work together will look like. 


My choice to become a Social Worker has shaped my approach, helping me to be very client-centred, to grasp the significant effects of oppression and marginalization, and to appreciate complex systems within families, for instance.  My work in community mental health has also given me a strong background in assessing and treating mental illness, mental health challenges, and addiction.  However, I do not make diagnoses or prescribe medication.

I have experience carrying out mental health assessments, writing letters, and creating unbiased reports; I am also trained as a group therapist and am skilled at designing and delivering presentations and workshops.

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I am registered with ICBC, the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), and the Crime Victim's Assistance Program (CVAP).


BCCSW Reg # 09760 & BCACC Reg # 19919