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Imago Relationship Therapy

For a limited time, receive virtual Imago Therapy sessions at the rate of $100 per 50 min.  

To avail of this special rate, you agree that the sessions will be recorded for consultation purposes and then destroyed.  Curious?  Please ask for more information.

Therapists often record their sessions to help them be better therapists and to help them receive supervision and training.  Recording sessions helps ME be a better therapist and serve you better.  I am fully trained as an Imago therapist and am seeking certification.

For couples and relationships, I offer Imago Relationship Therapy around daily life, sex, intimacy, and more.  Imago is a form of therapy useful for addressing a wide range of challenges, such as arguments, sexual issues, feeling devalued and unappreciated, or relationship break-down.  


Some of the tenets of Imago are:

  • We bring our past into our relationships and this can be the root of negative patterns.

  • We need to learn a new way of communicating so that both parties feel truly seen and heard.

  • We forget to show appreciation towards our partner.

  • We need to drastically cut out negativity in how we show up with our partner.


These ideas combine to create an invaluable and very evident shift quite quickly in the process of therapy. 

Using Imago Relationship Therapy, I help couples rediscover closeness and connection.  By resolving old hurts and strengthening the present bond, a brighter future is created.

I focus on communication and help couples identify and resolve issues that have caused feelings of being misunderstood or unheard.  My compassionate approach assists partners to understand each other better and strengthen their bond.

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