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First Responders/Public Safety Personnel

Public Safety Personnel put their lives and well-being at risk every day to serve the public and their communities.  They perform tasks many of us could not dream of doing, in order to protect and save civilians, their loved ones, their property, and so much more.  They are there helping and offering strength and care when people's worlds fall apart.  The stress and the scenes they witness, however, can take a toll and cause psychological injury, just as repeated stress to the body can cause physical injury.

EMDR, CBT, doing mindfulness practices, learning various skills, and developing new understandings can be very helpful in addressing the common challenges first responders in this role experience, such as anxiety, sadness, suicidal thoughts, family issues, or intrusive and distressing memories.  Reaching out shows strength, not weakness.  You are not alone and there is no need to struggle in silence.

I feel honoured to be able to help Public Safety Personnel heal and come to thrive again in their careers.  It might be wise to start coming in for sessions sooner than later, so you struggle less and feel better faster.  It can also help to build a relationship with a therapist in advance so that they can be there for you when it is needed most.

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