My Approach

For much of my career I have had a strong cognitive-behavioural approach.  I loved CBT, and trained in applying it to people with different kinds of struggles.  Then I trained in DBT and taught it individually and in groups.  Both of these therapies play important roles in helping people who are suffering deeply.

Currently I have a very strong interest in helping people make their way through trauma to find a life where they have healed and their trauma no long haunts themEMDR is an amazing tool for this and being able to practice EMDR is something I consider to be a gift. 

Finally, Somatic therapy can inform practice with all kinds of backgrounds and needs.

Whenever I work with someone I am strengths-based.  In a client-centered manner, I focus my practice around what they need and want right now and in the future.  I may make recommendations, but I do not have my own agenda.  Sometimes our work together involves addressing a specific problem using solution-focused counselling, while other times it is much more broad.  I also apply best practice, evidence-based strategies to make sure clients receive the right care.

Finally, I have noticed that I often believe in my clients more than they believe in themselves.  That's okay.  I can hold onto your hope for you, until you are ready to reach out and take it back.