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Updated: Apr 8

As humans, we find survival strategies to make it through the challenges we face. It is even possible to thrive in life by finding our way through difficult moments in order to make it to the moments that make it all worthwhile. We pull all-nighters to finish a term paper or cuddle a screaming infant. Many of us in beautiful British Columbia will climb a mountain for hours just to stand at the top for 20 minutes eating trail mix.

And self-care is how you do it while still managing to stay well. Self care is a collection of practices like eating right, getting enough rest, finding joy, seeking peace or spirituality, and doing anything else that will sustain you through the mess of life until you get to its beauty.

Self-care ranges from meeting basic needs like 8 hours of sleep and putting veggies on your dinner plate, to getting a proper haircut and shave or putting on nice lotion after a shower.

Self care is taking a bubble bath with tea lights, sitting with your dog and getting licked all over the face with slobbery love, talking with a close friend, or watching your child sleep in all their quiet innocence. Self care is the treat you give yourself every once in a while, and the kindness you show to your body. It is the way you choose thoughtfully for yourself, like an early morning hike; a pedicure or hot stone massage; a spinach salad with strawberries and goat cheese over mac and cheese, but mac and cheese when you really need it; a friend’s Netflix pick; planning a weekend getaway or the perfect staycation.

The question is: what is self-care to you? If you can, come up with 10 ideas right now.

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