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Why Try Imago Relationship Therapy?

Imago starts here

"Imago may be a bit mysterious and is certainly less well-known. Discover when and how Imago could be a great fit for you."

Imago works to transform your relationship using a number of specific interventions that you will experience first-hand. Outcomes include:


Learning a new way to dialogue with your partner; coming to better identify and appreciate each other’s contributions to the relationship; getting "aha" revelations and insights about the connections between your present and your past; removing negativity in your interactions with each other (such as discarding shame, blame, and criticism); adding in more fun and connection; experiencing more compassion for each other; feeling safer emotionally in conflict; learning tools to use together outside of sessions; and effectively requesting changes to your partner’s behaviour.

Imago could be for you if:

  • you and your partner have repetitive negative communication pattern

  • conflict is hard for you to sit with, perhaps due to past trauma around conflict with family or a partner

  • you see patterns in the partners you select and how your relationships pan out

  • you picked a partner who reminds you of one of your parents or caregivers (this is not uncommon!)

  • you are curious about how your childhood or upbringing could have impacted your struggles

  • you are thinking about breaking up or separating and want to explore that decision in a safe manner

  • you and your partner are likely separating and want help to do it well

  • you and your partner have a very healthy relationship and you want to fine-tune small areas of conflict or simply enhance the relationship further

  • you have conflict in your sex life

  • you are in a same-sex, trans, and/or polyamorous relationship and are seeking safe a safe, non-judgmental place to get relationship help

  • you would like support in seeking and making specific changes to your relationship

  • you just want to feel heard in your relationship

  • you find that resentment is building up in the space between the two of you

  • your relationship has ended and you’re having trouble letting go

  • you want to learn more effective ways to communicate with your partner

  • in an area of conflict you feel that you “get it”, but your partner doesn’t

  • you need to work something out with a friend or family member, not as a couple

If you have more questions, please reach out!

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