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What Make a Great Therapist

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Find the right fit.

"It's not the comfy couch or some tea beside you. It's the connection... feeling heard.”

What Makes a Great Therapist

  • A great therapist “gets you”.

  • A great therapist practices from the heart.

  • A great therapist is respectful, genuine, and kind.

  • A great therapist isn’t afraid to be wrong at times, and to work things out -- sometimes this process proves to be healing.

  • A great therapist challenges you gently.

  • A great therapist tests out their ideas with curiosity and grace.

  • A great therapist knows which tools to apply and when to suggest them.

  • A great therapist doesn’t take things too fast, making sure you can keep up.

  • A great therapist makes a game plan with you, and collaborates with you to follow it.

  • A great therapist is your ally and believes in you -- perhaps even more than you believe in yourself.

  • A great therapist might know what it is truly like to be in your shoes, but you would only know by their deep compassion.

  • A great therapist shares insights with you, ones that make you want to grab paper and write them down so you never forget them.

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